Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Thank you for your referral to Roberts & Associates Physical Therapy, S.C.  Our clinics aim to be the leader in neuromusculoskeletal conservative care in Central Wisconsin.  Outcomes data is an important tool our clinic uses to track our effectiveness of the care we provide to our patients.  Along with our evaluation, you will also receive a functional status measure of the patient, which is a current snapshot of how they are able to function throughout the day.  If you would like to have a better understanding of how we arrive at our data, that info can be found here.  The citations from the FOTO database our clinic participates in can be found here.

Our aim is to make the referral process as efficient and easy as possible for your patient.  Appointments are usually available within 1-2 business days of your referral.  For a quick link on the services we offer, please click here.

To refer a patient to our clinic, please contact us!

Phone: (715) 824-7278 (Amherst), (920) 290-3555 (Berlin), (715) 335-4446 (Plainfield), or (715) 423-4442 (Wisconsin Rapids)

Fax: (715) 824-3278 (Amherst and Berlin), Plainfield (715) 335-4456, or  (715) 423-4491 (Wisconsin Rapids)

Email: (Amherst), (Berlin), (Plainfield), or (Wisconsin Rapids)


Thank you for your referral!